70 reasons to be proud of Lviv

  • 1341st — the Lviv’s oldest cast bell in Ukraine was founded, which is situated in the St. George church.
  • 1375 — the Lviv’s hospital «Holy Spirit» was mentioned — the oldest hospital in Ukraine in the classic sense of the word.
  • 1387—1704 — the citizens of Lviv didn’t allowe any invaders to set foot in the city, having endured about a hundred enemy sieges over 317 years, — unprecedented figure for most medieval European cities.
  • 1407 — the water supply of Lviv was mentioned, by which the downtown water was comming from the sources located outside the city — it was the beginning of civilized water.
  • 1490 — the clock with the melodic battle was firstly set on the Lviv city hall in Ukraine.
  • 16—17 cen. — Lviv was founded — the largest city in Ukraine, the population of which is twice bigger than the population of Kyiv.
  • the 2nd part of 16 cen. — the oldest park in Ukraine was founded — Jesuit Park (now the I.Franko park), which is at the same time the oldest municipal park in Europe (since 1847).
  • 1555 — Decree on the conservation and cultivation Kleparovskaya Sour Cherry of Kleparow — a unique hybrid of Cherries, which was raised only in Lviv. In European literature known as Kleparover Suss-Weichsel — in Germany and Griotte de Kleparow — in France.
  • 1574 — Ivan Fedorov published Ukraine’s first book — «The Apostle» in Lviv.
  • 1585 — A printing house «Uspenske bratstvo» was founded — the oldest continuously operating printing house to these days in Eastern Europe.
  •

The old Lviv and his history

City of Lions, Leopol, Leopolis, Leopoli, Galicia, Halychyna, Lemberg, Lvovas, Lwów, L’vov, Lvov, L’viv, L’wiw, Lviv…

The epochs, rulers, governments, regimes, names of the city replaced one another, but its spirit and traditions always remained unchanged.

The first written mention about the glorious city of Lviv is dated by the year 1256. It was built by the order of the King Danylo Halytskyy and named on behalf of his son Lev (translated as “Lion”). Since those ancient times, Lion is the symbol of the city. Stone lions are standing motionless at city facades and portals, keeping watch under the City Hall and on the High Castle Hill, lying tired near the Powder Tower.

After the fires in 1527 and 1556, nearly all gothic architecture was destroyed; instead, the city architecture today is richly represented by baroque, renaissance and classicism styles. In December 1998, the ensemble of the central historical part of Lviv city was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lviv, the capital of Galicia and the seventh city of Ukraine by the number of population, slowly achieves fame of the fashionable tourist city (since 2005, Ukraine is the member of World Tourist Organization). It is situated at the distance of from the Polish border and presents the most western part of Ukraine.

Lviv gave birth to and was a home city of such famous people as: Mykhaylo Hrushevskyy, Andrey Sheptytskyy, Solomiya Krushelnytska, Stanislav Lem, Joseph Rotblat, Leopold Zacher von Mazoch, Roman Viktyuk, Volodymyr Ivasyuk, Franciszek Mozart, Yakov Rosenfeld, Rudolf Weigl, Ludwig von Mises, Ivan Fedorov, and many others.

Lviv City Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May.

On June 2001, the city was visited by the Pope John Paul II.

In May 2004, Lviv singer Ruslana won the Eurovision Song Contest, becoming the first Ukrainian singer, who held the top place in this contest.

In 2012, Lviv will be hosting the European Football Championship EURO 2012.

When you come to Lviv, you should first of all visit: Market Square and Market Tower (height – , 408 footsteps), Pharmacy Museum, Armenian Church, Dominican Church, Arsenal Museum, Saint George Church, High Castle, Shevchenkivkyy Hay Skansen, etc. Also you should certainly taste the aromatic Lviv coffee and visit the Brewery Museum!

The old Lviv is famous for its good cafes, candy stores and restaurants.

Welcome to Lviv! 


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