70 reasons to be proud of Lviv

  • 1341st — the Lviv’s oldest cast bell in Ukraine was founded, which is situated in the St. George church.
  • 1375 — the Lviv’s hospital «Holy Spirit» was mentioned — the oldest hospital in Ukraine in the classic sense of the word.
  • 1387—1704 — the citizens of Lviv didn’t allowe any invaders to set foot in the city, having endured about a hundred enemy sieges over 317 years, — unprecedented figure for most medieval European cities.
  • 1407 — the water supply of Lviv was mentioned, by which the downtown water was comming from the sources located outside the city — it was the beginning of civilized water.
  • 1490 — the clock with the melodic battle was firstly set on the Lviv city hall in Ukraine.
  • 16—17 cen. — Lviv was founded — the largest city in Ukraine, the population of which is twice bigger than the population of Kyiv.
  • the 2nd part of 16 cen. — the oldest park in Ukraine was founded — Jesuit Park (now the I.Franko park), which is at the same time the oldest municipal park in Europe (since 1847).
  • 1555 — Decree on the conservation and cultivation Kleparovskaya Sour Cherry of Kleparow — a unique hybrid of Cherries, which was raised only in Lviv. In European literature known as Kleparover Suss-Weichsel — in Germany and Griotte de Kleparow — in France.
  • 1574 — Ivan Fedorov published Ukraine’s first book — «The Apostle» in Lviv.
  • 1585 — A printing house «Uspenske bratstvo» was founded — the oldest continuously operating printing house to these days in Eastern Europe.
  • 1586 — issued the Rules of the School of «Uspenske bratstvo» — the oldest pedagogical monument on the Soviet territory.
  • 1629 — Italian Roberto Bandinelli launched the Ukraine’s first urban post of the European standard in Lviv, which regularly delivered the letters to the residents from all over the Europe.
  • 1661 — the date of the foundation of the first university in Ukraine and Russia — Jesuit Academy.
  • beg. 18 cen. — a monument to the Polish Hetman Stanislaw Yablonovsky was placed in Lviv — the first monument in Ukraine.
  • 1911 — the first public monument to Taras Shevchenko was placed in Ukraine in the village of Lysynychi.
  • 1715- the first brewery in Ukraine was founded in Lviv.
  • 1749 — few numbers of the first in Ukraine newspaper Kurier Lwowski were published in Lviv.
  • 1776 — The newspaper Gazette de Leopol (weekly).
  • 1811 — the oldest existing now in Ukraine newspapers — Gazeta Lwowska was issued.
  • 1848 — The first ever Ukrainian newspaper "Dawn Galician.
  • 1776 — the first permanent urban theater in Ukraine was founded in Lviv.
  • 1782 — founded Bachevsk vodka factory, which in the early 20 th century produced the best in Europe liqueur — Likier Baczewskiego.
  • 1784 — Lviv launched the world’s first balloon with automatic burner for liquid fuels for heating air in the cylinder, just nine months after the brothers Lyum’ye, for whom the fuel straw served as a fuel.
  • 1784 -in the premises of the Bernardine monastery Archive of Ancient Documents was founded, now Central State Historical Archives in Lviv — one of the richest archives in Europe.
  • 1785 — the Ukraine’s oldest established hotel — «Under the Roman Caesar was founded in Lviv.
  • 1786 — Ukraine’s first music academy was founded.
  • 1786 — the Lychakiv Cemetery was founded in Lviv, one of the most beautiful in Europe.
  • 1835 — Ukraine’s first regular public transport route launched — Multi-horse crewthat combined the city with Vinniky.
  • 1835—1900 — Lviv was a unique European city, that dramatically changed its landscape face: the Knyazha or bald mountain (Mons Calvus) was cut, an artificial hill (Kopiec Unji Lubelskiej) was put to a height of 413 m above sea level, the river Poltva was turned on to the undergrounds,thus the city received one of the excellent sewer systems in Europe.
  • 1836 — Leopold Sacher-Masoch was born in Lviv, one of the most famous European and world writers. The edition of his works published in Europe by the end of 19 century was several times higher than the edition of Shevchenko, Pushkin, Mickiewicz, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy works together.
  • August 1840 — the first in Ukraine and former USSR feminist demonstration in the city center, one of them smoked a cigarette.
  • 1842 — the Skarbko Theater (now named after Maria Zankovetskoy) was set up — the third largest in Europe at that times theater (1460 seats) after the Milan «La Scala» and Dresden «Hofteater.
  • 1853 — in Lviv, in the pharmacy «Under a gold star», pharmacists Johann Zeh and Ignacy Lukasevich invented the first in the world Kerosene (oil) lamp.
  • 1858 — the first gas street lighting in Ukraine was started in Lviv.
  • 1861 — the first railway in Ukraine Lvov — Przemysl was built.
  • 1862 — the Lviv Polytechnic Society was founded in Lviv — one of the world’s first aviation companies.
  • 1864 — the first professional Ukrainian theater was founded in Lviv.
  • 1866 — the Ukrainian first sports society «Falcon» was established in Lviv.
  • 1873 — one of the oldest in Europe Natural History Museum was founded in Lviv.
  • 1874 — Lviv created the first Ukrainian high school (gymnasium).
  • 1874 — a city Industrial Museum (now the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts) was founded in Lviv — one of the largest specialized ethnographic museums in Europe, the richest treasury of decorative art and crafts of Ukraine. It is the largest and most valuable collection of watches in Ukraine.
  • 1879 — founded Kilinskoho Park (now Stryy Park), which at the beginning of the 20th century was considered one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.
  • May 1880 — the first time in Ukraine a horse tram worked.
  • 1882—1883 — the foundation of the first Institute of Geography in Lviv.
  • 1883 — the first city phone connection was launched in Lviv in Ukraine.
  • 1884 — the «aeronavtyck Joint Stock Company» was founded in Lviv, that produced the world’s first specialized newspaper «Aeronavt» in German and Polish.
  • 1890 — establishment in Ukraine of Rus-Ukrainian radical party (RURP) — the first Ukrainian legal political party of the European type and the first in Europe Peasant Party of social direction.
  • 1893 — the first time in Ukraine the horse ambulance station was founded in Lviv.
  • 1894 — Lviv put in operation an electric tram, the first in Ukraine and one of the first in Europe.
  • 1894 July 14 — the first in the history of Ukrainian football match took place between the Lviv teamant the team of Krakow.
  • 1895 — the street was firstly named after Taras Shevchenko in Lviv.
  • 1897 — the Lviv Gallery of European Art (now Lviv Art Gallery) was established — the largest art museum in Ukraine, which donated over 50 000 works of art.
  • End of the 19 cen. — In Street Theater for the first time in Ukraine lyuministsentni lamps were used for lighting the streets.
  • Beg. of the 20 cen. — Lviv was the only city in the world, where the residence of three Catholic archbishops were situated: Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic and Armenian Catholic.
  • 1900 — designed by the architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski Lviv Opera House was built — one of the most beautiful in Europe.
  • 1905 — the Ukrainian National Museum was founded in Lviv.
  • 1905 — the first national art exhibition took place in Lviv.
  • 20th-30th years of the 20 cen. — Lviv — one of the greenest cities in Europe by numbers of parks and gardens on one square kilometer area.
  • 1928 — Professor of the Lviv University Rudolf Vayhl invented the vaccine against typhus first in the world.
  • 1929 — the Ukraine’s first hockey (with hockey) team was organized in Lviv, the goalkeeper M.Scrypiy was one of the world’s first goalkeepers who applied a protective mask made of the Polish soldier’s helmet.
  • 1932 — the Ukraine’s largest organ, made in Czechia, was placed in the church of Mary Magdalene.
  • May 1951 — Lviv Bus Plant produced first in Ukraine buses.
  • 60—70th years of the 20 cen. — Lviv produced the best quality in the USSR, beer, candies «Svitoch», buses and televisions.
  • 1971 — the park «Shevchenko hay» was founded, where there are six wooden churches.
  • 1975 — the first architectural reserve was founded in Lviv which combined in itself the whole territory of the medieval core of the city.
  • 1981- in the premises of arsenal building the only in Ukraine and former USSR weapons museum was established.
  • 60—80th years 20 cen. — Lviv region with a population of 0.8% of the total population of the USSR was more than 10% of all existing places of worship, so Lviv Region was the most religious regions of the empire.
  • 1991—2001 — the largest number of churches in Ukraine were built in Lviv —  280.
  • 14—15 May 1999 — Lviv was the only city in the history of Ukraine, which once took nine Heads of State during the Summit of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • June 27, 2001 — in Lviv was an action involving the largest number of people in Ukraine’s history: the Liturgy in the Byzantine rite, which served Pope John Paul II at the Lviv hippodrome where a half million people were gathered around. Also in Ukraine the largest demonstrations in recent history of Ukraine took place- September 17, 1989 the day 50 th anniversary of the entry of Soviet troops on the territory of Western Ukraine and May 30, 2000 the day the funeral of the composer Igor Bilozir outside the city went more than a hundred thousand people.
  • June 29, 2002 — in Lviv the first Ukrainian Catholic University was established by the Ukrainian Greeck- Catholic Church on the post-Soviet territory.

By Ilco Lemco
Source — Postup


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